Sunday, April 19, 2009

Radioactive Iodine

Tomorrow I'm treating my hyperthyroidism. I'm excited yet nervous, the hardest part will be staying away from Jago and Simon for 7 DAYS! I found out I had hyperthroidism aka Graves Disease when I found out I was pregnant on May 23rd, 08. I couldn't do anything about it until I was unpregnant and stopped breastfeeding. So, hopefully this pill will work and do what its supposed to and I'll be normal once again!!!

Here is a little about the pill I'll be taking:

Radioactive Iodine -

RAI treatment is based on the fact that the thyroid actively accumulates iodine, which it uses to produce thyroid hormones required for normal body function. This RAI is like the iodine found in foods such as fish, seaweed, and iodized salt, except that it releases an electron, or beta particle, which creates its therapeutic action.

For use in treatment, the RAI is given dissolved in water or as a capsule. It is absorbed quickly by the stomach and intestines, then carried in the bloodstream to the thyroid, where it is taken up by the gland. While in the thyroid gland, the RAIdisrupts the function of some of the thyroid cells - the more radioactive iodine given, the more cells cease to function. As the cells stop functioning, excessive amounts of thyroid hormones are no longer produced, and symptoms of hyperthyroidism begin to disappear.

Here is what I plan on GETTING DONE THIS WEEK:

-25 layouts, or catch-up Simon's scrapbook till now

-sweep, mop all floors

-spring cleaning

-organize and gather garage sale stuff together

-hang pictures, shelves in Simon's room & dining room

-go to Walmart!

-get out new decor & put Easter away

Soooo...thats my grand list of things to do. Think I'll get it all done? I hope so.

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