Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Easter!!

Was a very rainy day! Trevor and his love <3 Mommy and Simon, late night pictures = not good!
I walked by the Scrabble game and someone was creative! Simon and the Easter Bunny!!

The eggs I dyed, Simon relaxing before everyone grabbed for him!, & Peter Rabbit.

The day started by Simon and I going to church, leaving daddy home to sleep in a quiet house, (he got off at 4 am-crazy deputy hours!) When Simon and I got home, we both crashed for a 2 hour nap, (felt great!) Then we got ready to go the family Easter. Since I was the host, I had to be their early to get ready, everything went well and we had a good time like always! The adults even had a game of musical chairs..was funny!! Simon fell asleep on the way home, woke up for a few crabby pictures with his Easter basket gifts. We had a great day and next year will be even better!

His gifts:
Mommy & Daddy: 2 books, stuffed rabbit
Grandmas: clothes from Gymboree, Old Navy and $$

Hope everyone had a memorable Easter!!

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