Sunday, March 3, 2013

Math Wizard

Simon has always been great with numbers and he learned to count early. He can easily count to 100+ and always talking about thousands and millions. So, I figured he probably was ready to begin addition. So, I made up a addition worksheet for him to work on so we worked on this together. Candy hearts and lots of patience he finished it and pretty much did it on his own. He has some memorized, sometimes he uses his fingers to figure it out but he definitely on the right track. (Side-note: I've had this awful cough lately and I pretty much coughed till I had tears running out of my eyes and Simon asked why my eyebrows were leaking. Bahahahha!) Kids.... Daily laughs with this child!!


I bought Simon a new set of watercolors and I think I've enjoyed them more! He enjoys craft and different projects and painting is easy and quick clean-up so we been doing lots of painting lately! Changed it up and let him paint on the "wall". He thought it was cool and I agreed!


In February it snowed a few times. We went outside every time it snowed too. I'm not really a lover of cold and snow and winter but Simon loves going outside and I enjoy taking pictures in the snowy weather so out we go. Usually I try to get the sidewalk scooped to warm up! Simon went sledding for the first time this winter down real big hills and he LOVED it! Good exercise for me too! Now let it all melt and bring on SPRING!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Past weekend

Bowling on a Saturday night in Topeka. Simon enjoyed it like usual and the picture with his hand over his eyes he was watching the ball roll down the lane. Funny kid! I have to say one of my least favorites places to take pictures is in the bowling alley. Lighting is different wherever you go and its so hard to get a decent looking picture! Oh well, grainy or not I still got my memories and I loved them anyway!!

Sick boy.

Sick boy (in January) only lasted about a half day but first half he didn't move from the couch and that is when you know he doesn't feel good!! Glad that is over with and hes back to his normal crazzzy self!