Sunday, April 26, 2009

birthdays, laundry and chocolate

I have a new love in my life. It's Bakers's Dipping Chocolate!!!!!! So yummy, so quick to heat up and melt, and great with strawberries :) Jago is competing big time! Hehe

Today we went and celebrated Phoenix's birthday. (I will post pictures later) He turned 1 years old (next week)!! He had a rough year, but doing pretty good now. The little tot has cystic fibrosis. You can read his mommy's blog here. :) Simon got to meet him finally! Such a cutie! They will have a lot of fun this summer!

Well, working on my fifth load of laundry. Been at it awhile so almost done! Now just have to put it all away..which I HATE!!!

I'll post some pictures later. :)


  1. This is the very first blog I've ever read!!!

  2. Oh wow, does that chocolate look good. I'll have to check it out. :)