Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Because your his mom"

This pic of Simon was taken 1-9-09. He was about a 1 1\2 months. Oh how I adore him.

Just my little man report.. I was quite busy obviously and didn't have much to blog thus why its been weeks! News is.. Simon got his first tooth on May 1st. Yay! He had allergies, or a minor cough and cold a couple days before that. (probably got it from me) Anyways, he came down with a slight fever at night and I noticed his first little white tooth coming through on May 1st! I was pretty darn happy. I asked Jago why am I so happy? He said BECAUSE YOUR HIS MOM!!

The little things in my life are the best ones. EVER.

Then this morning, Simon woke up and I stuck him in bed with us until I was fully awake. I set him on his tummy at the end of the bed and he rolled on over! From his tummy to back! There is another first in my Simon's life! YAY!!!

Wonder whats next? He is growing up way to fast! :( He will be 6 months on May 23rd!

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