Friday, December 16, 2011

Our version of the Gingerbread House

Simon and I been doing lots of fun Christmas crafts and projects this past few weeks. Finally got around to the gingerbread house! This is our afternoon:

Started with graham crackers and HOT glue. Lots of hot glue.
Glued 5 like this:

Candy of course!!

Graham cracker thief!! I got lots of help from here on out, when he figured out what I was doing!!

Still gluing...

...and reinforcing with more hot glue!

All graham crackers aren't even. Guess we'll call this the back of our house! :)

My lil helper!

Royal icing ingredients

Mix 7-10 minutes

Waiting patiently..

Yay we got stiff peaks!!

Time to decorate, roof first!!

Add the candy!!

Lots and lots of candy. I think Simon was eating as fast as he put it on our house!

Checking our house out!!

Ta da! Ahh love the bokeh in the background from our Christmas tree!!

What a great tradition!!!!!!

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  1. Cute cute house!! Simon did a good job of decorating it!