Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's start from the beginning.. OF DECEMBER!

I have a few confessions.

I been sorta busy.
I take a lot of pictures. Esp this month. Over 500 and Christmas isn't even here yet.
Gotta document everything right? Right.

We'll start from the beginning. Christmas tree from Lowe's! Was going to get a fake, expensive pre-lit one and suddenly decided I have no storage for that and well the real are so much better. Even if you forget to water it for days at a time but hey, its still living and green. So, hopefully a real one will continue the tradition.

Christmas tree in cart? I think so.
Posing with the tree. My mother ran around and found the perfect two trees and I took pictures of trees lined up, and anything else I could. My kind brother carried it (over his head) to the register. I think people looked at us funny for taking pictures with trees and making a scene over the entire thing. Ah well, was a great time.
Here's a few more confessions...

I love to bake. I love to eat. But, I love to bake and give it away more. So, thats exactly what we did. Simon loves to help. I try to keep patient and let him help as much as possible.

Stirring the cookies up.
Simon's favorite. Chocolate dipped pretzels. So, let him dip some small ones with the leftover chocolate. It really lasted for a minute actually doing it correctly..then it became a mess and he was sent away to the living room.

Packaging them up!
Ever since I joined Pinterest, I have been having crafts on my mind. I think I've walked into Michael's more this past month than I have the last three years. First up was an ornament wreath for the front door. I sold my last one that I had for years so figured I needed something new this Christmas. So, after stringing up almost 100 ornaments on a wire hanger, it turned out pretty darn festive!
 Bright and cheery!

I believe this is one of the first times we let Simon play the Wii. I love watching this little guy run into the walls and go off track on Mario Kart and the laughs and funny things he says when he crashes. I have to say, he is getting much better. Only an hour every few days is bout all hes allowed to play.

Going on delivery to the neighbors...
Cute lil Christmas tree in Simon's room. He loves sitting in the chair next to it and acts like hes Santa and asks his stuffed animals what they want for Christmas and he'll usually name something that they are each getting. Oh the three year old it.
Well, wasn't I wordy in this post? Maybe one of my resolutions will be to blog more...Oh wait I think that was last years? Hahaha!! I'd continue but my battery is running low and mine is too. Time to call it a night. :)

I'll be back to continue December. Maybe in February? Just kidding. Hahaha!

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