Tuesday, June 23, 2009

reality tv

I LOVE reality TV.

I have watched Jon & Kate + 8 since it started, The Bachelorette or The Bachelor for a long long time, tons of show on TLC, MTV, ABC and so on...

I was very sadden to hear Jon and Kate's marriage is ending, I actually cried (I know your thinking whaaat??) I know marriage is hard, I have been through a very long relationship and we have had our ups and downs, I know what marriage takes. I know I'm not married but it pretty much feels like it and we do everything a marriage would go through and day by day. I just so happy for my life and Simon. I was surprised Jon and Kate filed and are now going through the steps to separate and lead separate lives. Sigh... I hope they can become better friends though it and their 8 kids don't suffer to much. I can't imagine divorcing with 1 to 2 kids, but 8..geez!!

Oh a happy note, I'm watching the Bachelorette right now and trying to figure out who will be the last one standing :) I believe it will be Kipton and Reid! I love this show and have been watching a long time! I love Jillian - she is a beautiful girl that knows exactly what she wants and she'll find it I'm sure!! So..we shall see what the ending is in a few weeks!!!

Do you watch any reality shows, and what show is your favorite?


  1. Hi Miranda....

    Thanks for stopping by...I love to make new bloggy friends. Your little guy is just adorable !

    I a bit of a reality TV junkie - I loved Jon & Kate but now I'm just very sad about the whole situation. I'm so happy TLC has suspended filming for now. Those kids need private time to accept what is happening to their family. It real life to them and it's none of our business.

    As for the bachelorette...I'm a fan this time because she is a canadian girl. I'm pulling for Kipton and I loved Jake (but he is sadly gone).

    I love Big Brother and it starts here on July 9th...I can hardly wait.

    Take care and stop by anytime !

  2. I'm with you Kipton and Reid all the way!