Friday, March 27, 2009

St Louis Trip

Finally getting some pictures up of our St. Louis trip, we had alot of fun and it was Simon's first vacation, first zoo, first hotel, etc. Although I think he missed his daddy and his daddy missed him!

Simon before leaving the driveway - still in his pjs!

Where we stayed and was close to a awesome mall!

First bath in a hotel!

Uncle Ethan pushing Simon in the stroller at the zoo. (Don't have many pictures of the zoo, battery died and other one was in the hotel. GRR)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Taking a ride on the cart with all the luggage!

Butterfly House, was pretty!Taking a ride!

One of the thousands of butterflies.

Dad, Ethan and Mom.

A museum under the arch

Arch - was sweeeeet!

Eating the camera on the way home!
Overall it was a great time and will maybe go back next year! Perhaps..Simon will enjoy it more and Jago can take some time off too!! :)

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