Saturday, August 11, 2012

New look - New direction!

I think my blog is going to a different direction. I think it will be more of my online journal for keeping updates of myself and my weight loss. Since May I've lost 14lbs and its going to keep going down! Ain't stopping. I have plenty of goals that I been working on.  May is when  I really started working out like crazy, watching what I eat (for the most part) and trying to get fit finally!!
 Those three words... Family, Fitness and Photography pretty much make up my life these days. On Monday I'm going to Kansas City for one of my first expensive! photography classes. I'm SO excited! I think I may just have to book this photographer that travels the county for my future wedding! ;) They do amazing work and I'm so glad I got in and signed up in time for it. I been waiting months and can't wait to meet some new people and hopefully learn something new about my camera! If everything goes right I hope to launch my business in September. (BIG GOAL!!)
Here's a few pictures of Simon and his first time bowling last night. He can't stop talking about how much fun he had and how good he did. :)

  Cutest shoes ever?!?

It was a thumbs up good time!!! 

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  1. Love the path you are going to take! Looks like you are going healthy! GOOD JOB! Yes, looks like Simon had a great time bowling! It was fun watching him! How did you find out about the Photography class? Are you doing online things too?