Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!!

I wanted to do something with Simon today that was sorta on the "leaping" subject... So I came up with lily pads with 1-20 on them, and we put stickers on them too that corresponded with the number. I actually did most of the work but Simon enjoyed jumping from them. Fun little activity before I went off to work. (They are still on the floor too...haven't gotten destroyed yet!)

I came across this quote and its perfect...

"Once in four years, just once, perhaps we could:
Forgive, forget, relax, care, stand out, speak up, contribute, embrace, create, make a ruckus, give credit, skip, smile, speak truth and refuse to compromise--more than we usually do. Pick just one or two and start there.
Hey, it's just one day.

Careful, though, it might become a habit."

Hope you enjoyed your "extra" day!!

See ya in March!!!!!

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