Friday, January 13, 2012

Simon says...

...lots of funny things I need to remember!!

The other night we were getting ready for bed and he laid down and says, "sleep tight, the bugs don't bite me."

Simon's very used to having a camera in his face, pretty much since the boy could focus his eyes. So, the other day I said "Simon, please look at me." He doesn't look but says, "Cheese!" I replied, I don't have my camera! He says "it's in your purse!"

Other times, he'll say "take picture of me!" Of course.. Thanks for the reminder!

Once in awhile Simon will say "When I grow up..." One night he wanted to be a garbage truck driver (oh please child......) or car driver, or mailmen, or an engineer. 

When we're looking for Wii remote, regular remote, shoes, slippers etc etc. He'll call out for it like it will answer him or will stop "hiding" wherever it might be. Maybe we play to much hide and seek. 

I told him tonight to go put his tennis shoes on. He said five shoes? I laughed and realized he heard TENnis shoes... 

When he doesn't get his way, or gets in trouble he'll want to go outside, or grandma's house. But if he gets in trouble over there he'll want to come home.

Not everything he says is funny, some things are just downright sweet. Most of the time when I give him lunch or supper, he'll say "Yum!" and reply "thank you mom." Makes my heart melt and makes up for all the ornery things he does!! 

Few other things to remember: 
**Almost can count to 50, with some help, but has the general idea down.

** Knows his address and town he lives in.

**Knows his full name, both of his parents names

Obviously, I'm feeling wordy today although I'm not feeling to great. Cheers to the weekend and staying inside and keeping warm!!

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  1. I love the one about the tennis shoes! ADORABLE!! :D