Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest projects

I love pinterest. What a fun place to keep all the grand ideas I find from reading blogs. I love all the crafty projects I've found and the yummy recipes to make and enjoy. I've finished a few projects. I like the ones that I have all the stuff I have around the house already. Although I've walked and came out with my fair share of stuff from Michaels, Walmart, quilting stores etc. But, here is a few of them. Most are sorta for Valentine's. Working on a wreath for the front door too but haven't figured out how I really want it!!

Felt flowers - for wreaths!
Canvases for painting - They are done, just haven't taken a picture.
Pretty stack of fabric, needing to find a good use for it!!
Air dried clay that was leftover from Christmas.
My new pillow, love it! Lots of felt cutting and gluing and putting together!
My counter which doesn't look like this anymore but it did for a week or so. Disaster!

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  1. I love the pillow! Maybe you can help me make one for 4-H!! :D