Sunday, August 14, 2011

a to z

Sitting in a frat house in Topeka the last 18 hours isn't exactly what I usually do on weekends. I was supposed to be at AmTrak station at 5:30 in the morning to pick up J. Well, 10pm at night I get a phone call that one of the tracks in Nevada washed out so they couldn't go any further and they had to sit until it was fixed. So now at 3 pm I think they have a few more hours to go.

Two words for you AmTrak. Screw you!

I always thought a train ride would be a fun adventure to go on but when I don't have alot of patience to sit and do nothing for hours so maybe the plane would be the way to go. Was a good weekend of hanging with my little brother and seeing what the college life is all about. Not impressed. :)

Well, I could be shopping in this lil city but I rather sit here and read my new book, which is AMAZING. I'm so into it and I'm sure I'll be done in a few days. More on that later.

So taking a reading break and hopped on the computer and going to put up an a to z post. Saw it on a few others and thought it would be fun to help pass the time.

A. age: 28
B. bed: Queen size - soooo comfy
C. chore you hate: dishes - maybe one day i'll have a dishwasher!
D. dogs: outside only please
E. essential start to the day: hugs and kisses from Simon and blog-reading is like morning coffee
F. favorite color: this changes, but right now I'm loving grays, navy blues and coral
G. gold or silver: gold
H. height: 5' 8'' (i think!)
I. instruments you play: NONE - Never was the band type person
J. job title: MOM full-time, dispatcher part-time
K. kids: Simon, almost 3 :(
L. live: currently in the midwest
M. maiden name: maybe one day! :)
N.nicknames: Mir
O. overnight hospital stays: just for the baby peeve: wet bathroom floors after you shower, that is what the mat is there for!!! people that dont pick up after themselves, dirty floors, unorganization... so many but ill stop for now
Q. quote: I love quotes, def dont have a favorite
R. righty or lefty: righty
S. siblings: 2 little brothers..not sure much little anymore though
T. time when you wake up: whenever Simon wakes up..some days early, some later
U. university attended: none
V. veggies you dislike: peas, ew ew
W. what makes you run late: psh no idea but always am a late person
X. x-rays you've had: arm-when I broke it, teeth on a reg basis, had an MRI once
Y. yummy food: just had Arby's sandwich and salad, mmmmm
Z. zoo animal: penguins at Omaha, could watch em for a long time!

Back to the book. First pictures? Whoa....

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