Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Fish!

Back up to February - Started playing "games" with Simon. Bought him this fishing game that I remember playing as a kid. He loves it! It's actually is a bit tricky to catch the fish, but he caught on pretty quickly and of course loves picking out the different colors of fish to try to catch. Sometimes he cheats and uses his hands :)

Now it needs to warm the heck up so we can go out and go fishing for real!!

Few things for me to remember: (28 months)
-Recognizes and says red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.
-Starting to know sounds of some letters of the alphabet, and recognizes ALL of them and says MOST of them correctly. Never taught him the sounds, learned them from Leapfrog Dvds
-Can count to 12, but missing 1,6 and 7.
-Loves police cars, fire trucks, anything with a siren (wonder why!) ;)
-Saying a lot more random words and its pretty darn cute hearing him say them for the first time.
-Getting tall and slender, my lil boy is growing so quick!!
-Loves going places, loves the carseat..never has fussed about getting in it and usually pretty good out and about.
-Not the best sharer on toys with kids his own age..hopefully just a phase!
-Favorite shows: Leapfrog dvds, CARS, Dinosaur shows and random shows here and there on tv and Netflix.

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