Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is just a list for me to remember what Simon is doing right now...

* Recognizes and tries to say all colors: Mainly blue, green, yellow, purple.

* Recognizes some of the letters of the alphabet and will repeat them all after me.

* Loves books...and cars.

* Favorite movie: Disney CARS, and has most of the set.

* Loves trains, esp Thomas and gang

* Steals your chair if you get up.

* Opens the fridge (not good)

* Such a lil boss.

* New words this week: bowl, turtle (all I can think of right now)

* Says Bbbbbb for Brrr or cold.

* Always says BYE! if he sees you on the phone, someone leaving or just hears someone talking on the phone and says they are going to go.

*Says Get! get! get! and associates that with dad because he'll say that to away from the power strip from the computers.

All for now and all that I remember!

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