Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm sitting here at work, working a 12 hour shift tonight. 8 1\2 hours to go!!! Very rare that I do that..but I'm sitting here watching Little People Big World and still researching HIGHCHAIRS.

Not sure how much I want to spend, way to many brands, choices, colors. I found a few that I like, but don't love yet. We are going to have to get one real soon. Simon been holding his head up very well and we got the go ahead to start rice. So, going to attempt on Monday. I'm sure he will like it, he loves his bottle and never turns it down!!

Some of the ones I like are.. Chicco, Fisher-Price, Eddie Bauer, Peg Perego. I'm sure I'll get one of these but still reading reviews!

Still on the subject of Simon supplies.. I ordered this the other day:

So, going to read it and try it out! Don't think I will order the Beaba but
I'll just use my food processer instead.

Enough for now! Back to the TV. 8 hours to go...

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